What is pregnancy? How does it occur? Pregnancy Time How much? What are the symptoms of pregnancy?

From the beginning to the end of your pregnancy for the mother candidates, the whole experience begins to pass through an exciting and stressful way. There are a number of issues that women should pay attention to during this period. With the beginning of pregnancy, pregnancy follow-ups must be done weekly and monthly. In this respect, it is tried to observe neither mother candidate nor baby’s latest situation.

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One of the main reasons for such an observation is that a number of health problems will arise over time. it becomes easier to take precautions, If we what is forbidden and harmful to both the mother and the baby in the mother’s womb during pregnancy

As a result of the investigations, it was seen that smoking during pregnancy period had an effect on high abortion. Not only smoking but also being passive smokers will be inevitable if you face the same negative situation.

It is necessary to know that mother candidates should take care of all these in the right way because of the abortion risks. It is possible to say that alcohol is one of the harmful factors that should not be approached as much as smoking. It will be of great benefit if you stay away from anything that contains alcohol during the pregnancy process.

Pregnancy Signs

One of the most common topics that most people are now wondering about most recently is how they can understand that they are pregnant. Is ti possible to understand this only by vomiting? In some women, bleeding can occur in the vagina as a symptom of pregnancy.

After about 10 to 14 days after fertilization, it will be possible to understand your pregnancy very easily as a result of bleeding. Constant drowsiness, dizziness, nausea, vomiting are confronting symptoms that will help to reveal pregnancy symptoms.

Women who want to become pregnant now want to see such changes in their physical sense. Sometimes they do not even know they’re pregnant.

Gender Prediction in Pregnancy

The biggest curiosity in the early stages of pregnancy is baby sex. Some ways of predicting this by ultrasound during the subsequent gestational weeks have occurred spontaneously among women over time.