Chocolate Cyst (ENDOMETRIOSIS)

What is Chocolate Cyst? How Does Chocolate Cyst Occur? What are the symptoms? And how is it treated?

We can say that one of the gynecological diseases seen is a chocolate cyst. Such problems begin to arise as a the inner tissues of the uterus occur in a different part of the body or inside the ovaries.

Çikolata (Endometriozis) Kisti Nedir?

In particular, the emergence of this disease can undesirably affect different parts of the body. It is inevitable that many different disorders occur. When we look at the structure of the cysts, it is possible to say that it is like the same uterine tissue.

When the Menstrual cycle starts to come, a bleeding occurs in the cyst. As time goes on, the blood will begin to accumulate inside and become a brown liquid. Since the liquid gives a more like melted chocolate image, this type of analogy is made in medicine.

In such a case it would be useful to consult a qualified doctor. Because of the fact that most of the time the corpus luteum cysts and chocolate cysts are mixed together, naturally there can be times when different treatments are applied. Care must be exercised in the name of not implementing such unnecessary treatments. It can be said that chocolate cysts are progressing more in some patients. Even during the relationship, even severe pain can come to the stage to be heard.

It is also possible to say that chocolate cysts can be one of the other factors of not being pregnant. The symptoms are; problems in menstruation, pain during sexual intercourse, irregular menstruation or not getting pregnant. If there are no symptoms, the cysts will be monitored only under observation.

For cysts, which can lead to the loss of quality of life as well as the fertility of women, all necessary treatment methods must be applied professionally.

There are certain ways to treat chocolate cysts. These can range from a multistage service such as drug treatments, hormone therapy, combined treatment, surgical treatments, removal of the uterus and ovaries, and initiation of reproductive therapy for IVF methods.

If you have symptoms of chocolate cysts, you can contact Professor Doctor Timur GÜRGAN for further information. We hope that you will regain your health by producing solutions immediately in this regard.