What is Birth? What is Normal Birth? What is Caesarean Birth? What are the Risks of Caesarean Delivery? Here Everything About Birth ...

One of the most basic problems of a mother who is approaching birth in our daily life is how to make birth. She has to make a choice whether to do a normal birth or a cesarean birth. In the light of the developing technologies, even caesarean birth has begun to be seen as a form of modern birth.

Normal Birth

One of the most common birth methods in our country is normal birth. Because birth is natural, now mothers are better suited for this path. At the same time, births between 36-41 weeks are called normal births. It is also called premature delivery if it occurs earlier, ie between 20 and 36 weeks. One of the most important things a gynecologist should do in this regard is to prevent the possibility of premature birth in order to prevent the child from entering the incubator.

Normal Birth Signs

One of the most common symptoms in this period is contractions coming from regular bovines resembling menstruation and their frequent repetition. If the pain is more frequent and the pain is seen 2 times in 10 minutes, it will be helpful if you keep your doctor’s way right away. If the pain is normal, it is necessary to wait for these pain to become more frequent.


On the other hand, even if you do not have pain, one of the most important ways to do without waiting is to go to the doctor immediately if Amnion water comes. Amnion water seems to be doing toilet suddenly most of the time. But sometimes there may be situations where it is getting less and less. The water is usually clear white. In some cases, the water color may be green.

Even though there are cases of bleeding outside of Amnion water, you should definitely consult a doctor. Because the stopping of the bleeding should not be regarded as a normal situation.

This is sometimes a sign of cervical opening, but it can also reveal placental abruption (premature separation of placenta) or placenta previa (leading placenta). In such an emergency, you should go to a doctor without waiting.

Except for normal delivery, there may be occasions when a cesarean section is given depending on the wishes of the doctor or the physician. However, it is a very important matter that your doctor is good quality when taking these services.

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